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Mary GOODFELLOW was the eldest daughter of William and Mary Goodfellow (nee Nance/Ninnis), who had been married in St. Merryn, Cornwall on the 9th November 1706.

There is a record of the christening of a William Goodfellow in Bodmin, Cornwall on the 16th February 1680. His father is shown as John Goodfellow but no mention of his mother. There was also a Mary Ninnis christened in St. Merryn, Cornwall on the 23rd February 1684. Her father is shown as Thomas Ninnis but, here again, no mention of her mother. It is quite possible that these are Mary's parents but no proof as yet.

In St. Breock churchyard, just beyond the North East corner of the church, there is a flat gravestone, now in poor condition, with the following inscription;

Anne and Mary Goodfellow

"In Memory of Anne Goodfellow
who died ye 4th day of July 1733
in ye 24th year of her age
(Poem of six lines not legible)
alfo in Memory of Mary
ye wife of Charles Saunders of this parish
who was buried ye 23rd day of Sept. 1766
and in ye 60th year of her age"

This would place Mary’s birth about 1706 assuming the inscription was correct. It must be presumed that Anne was Mary’s younger sister.


Charles Saunders, the youngest child of John and Mary Saunders, married Mary Goodfellow in St. Breock Church on the 11th November 1729.