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William Saunders, a carpenter and the third child of Charles and Mary (Goodfellow) Saunders was baptized in St. Breock Church on the 10th October 1739. He married Elizabeth WARREN in St. Breock on the 18th November 1761.

William and his wife, Elizabeth WARREN, appear to have had four children, although there is doubt surrounding Charles and Mary.

1. Charles - Born C1767. No baptismal record or actual proof that he was a son of William and Elizabeth.

2. William - Baptized 31st October 1773

3. Elisabeth - Baptized 18th May 1777

4. Mary - No baptismal record or actual proof that she was the daughter of William and Elizabeth


The St. Breock Burial Register has an entry for the 18th April 1768 which shows ‘William Saunders – a child’. He could have been the second son born to William and Elizabeth but there is nothing to substantiate this at the moment. However it was quite usual if a young child died the next male/female baby born would be given the same name.


There are some very interesting details regarding William’s life and work contained in the Vestry Books of the Overseers of the Poor for the Parish of St. Breock.

For March 1776 the following appears; -

Disbursements of Wm. Pedler to March 17th, 1776.

To a thousand and half of Sparrows for Elizt. Mills house at 2/6d per thousand - 3. 9d
Paid for timber for ditto - 5. 6d
For two days and half work Wm. Saunders for ditto - 3. 9d
For sawing timber with Wm. Saunders - 1. 0d
For carrying ditto with Wm. Saunders - 6d
For nails for Elizth. Mills house - 1. 0d
For three days thatching for ditto - 4. 0d.
For tending thatching for ditto - 1. 6d
To Elizth. Mills – month’s pay - 8. 0d.

It seems that she did not enjoy her refurbished house for long as she died in September of that year.

William’s name also appears in the next month’s account.

To a coffin – paid to Wm. Saunders - 10. 0d
To three yards and a quarter of shrouding – Mary Warne - 2. 8. 1/2d
To cash for laying forth Mary Warne - 5. 0d
To an avadavit (confirming burial in wool) - 6d

By June 1819 William had fallen on hard times.

4 weeks pay to William Saunders at 2. 6d - 10. 0d

These regular monthly payments carried on until August 1820.

The last mention of William was in November 1820 when he was one of four people provided with 25 faggots each by the Overseer.

William died in March 1821, aged 84, and was buried in St. Breock churchyard on the 22nd March. It would appear that his wife, Elizabeth, had died in April 1795.


1. Charles, a carpenter, married Mary Ann Pascoe(maiden surname unknown). There is a record of a marriage between a Charles Saunders and Mariann Adams in St. Breock on the 23rd March 1819 but no proof if there is any connection. When Charles died on the 18th January 1831 there was no mention of any children in his will.
For full details of his will click here.

Charles Saunders died 1831
Charles Saunders - Died 1831

2. William, married Joanna Gilbert in St.Breock on the 22nd February 1802. They do not appear to have had any children.

When his brother Charles died his will stated - "To my Brother William Saunders all my Working tools and Wearing Apparel after my decease, and the aforesaid Wm Saunders to receive it after Three Calender Months after my decease. Also I bequeath to my Brother the aforesaid William Saunders after the decease of my Wife Mary Ann Pascoe Saunders the Dwelling house and appurtenances now in the occupation of Richard Hoskin aforesaid to have and to hold all the Rest Residue or term of my Estate therein and for his own sole use and benefit during the life that I now hold it on"

3. There is no later news of Elisabeth (sic)

4. Mary married John Bennet(t) in St. Breock on the 7th April 1797.

When her brother Charles died his will stated - "Also I bequeath to my Sister Mary Bennett three pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to be paid three months after my decease, Also I Give and Bequeath the aforesaid Mary Bennett after the decease of my Wife Mary Ann Pascoe Saunders if the life should be there living the House and Appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold all the Rest Residue or term of my Estate therein and for her own sole and sue and benefit during the life that I now hold it on"


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