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John Saunders, the eldest son of Charles and Elizabeth (Brabyn) Saunders baptized on the 12th November 1766, married Elizabeth WARNE at St.Breock on the 31st October 1793 after banns being ‘called’ on the 15th; 22nd and 29th of September. John signed the marriage Register but Elizabeth signed only with an X, which was endorsed ‘The Mark of Elizabeth Warne’.
John Warne - most probably her father - and John Goole, a church official whose name appears in the register as a witness to many marriages, witnessed the marriage.

Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Anne (Paynter)WARNE and had been baptized in the same church on the 28th March 1766. She had a sister and brothers - Honour; John; Francis; William; Joseph; Richard.

Her father died in May 1802 and in his will, where he was described as a 'Yeoman', he left Elizabeth 'for life annuity of £5 from Pennard in St. Breock. It is not known exactly what Pennard was but most probably a property of some sort.


John and Elizabeth Saunders had five children - all baptized at St. Breock;

John - Baptized 12th April 1795 - (see Bagley for more details)

Nancy - Baptized 5th February 1797 - (see Craig for more details)

Charles - Baptized 9th June 1799 - Married Marianne ADAMS in St. Breock on the 23rd March 1819 but no further information.

Betsy - Baptized 20th December 1801 - (see Fradd for more details)

William - Baptized 24th March 1805 - (see Tyrie for more details)

The 1841 Census for Wadebridge describes John Saunders as a 'Tallow Chandler'. He died on the 5th January 1852 aged 85, over the River Camel in Egloshayle where he had been living with Richard Menhinich, a millwright, and wife Nancy in Egloshayle Road, Egloshayle most probably since Elizabeth had died some fifteen months previously. The 1851 census shows John as a 'visitor'. His death was registered as John Sanders. It is not known if the Menhinick family were related to John. He was buried at St. Breock on the 8th January 1852.


Elizabeth Saunders died on the 3rd August 1850, aged 84, and was buried at St.Breock on the 8th August.


Additional information

Nancy Menhinick died in 1869, aged 82 and Richard Menhinick in 1871, aged 87.