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Alice Saunders, the eldest child of John Saunders and his wife, Mary, was born about September 1695 and baptized in St. Breock Church on the 11th October 1695.

She married Nicholas HOCKIN on the 11th September 1723. They had four known children.

a. Jane Hockin - born about 1727. - ? Married Richard Wareham on the 22nd January 1746/7?.
b. Alice Hockin - born about 1729 and died on the 27th June 1732
c. Nicolas Hockin - born about 1730
d. Mary Hockin - born about 1732.

The Burial Register for St. Breock shows ‘Alice – daughter of Alice Hockin, widow, buried 1st July 1732’ but there is no record of her christening.

There is also a record of Nicholas Hawkin being buried on the 22nd September 1731 but there is no indication if this is father or son although the assumption could be father as his wife, Alice, was shown as a widow in July 1732.

The Marriage Register for St. Breock shows that a Richard Marcham married Jane Hocking on the 22nd January 1747 but there is no proof that this is the same Jane mentioned above.