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Charles Saunders, the youngest child of John Saunders and his wife Mary, was in born 1703 and baptized in St. Breock Church on the 3rd October 1703.

He married Mary Goodfellow in St. Breock on the 11th November 1729.

No date of death has actually been established for Charles Saunders. There was, however, a Charles Saunders, buried at St. Breock on the 8th January 1791 but the Burial Register gives no indication of his age. The fact that it was this Charles is confirmed by a lease which is endorsed "Saunders lease of a tenement yielded up 1st November 1791. Charles Saunders the leasee died abt Ladiday last."
He had lived to the ripe old age of 87 - some feat in those days.


Charles and Mary (Goodfellow) Saunders had six children all baptized in St. Breock.

1. Elizabeth Saunders - baptized 25th October 1730

There is no definite news of Elizabeth, although it possible that she married Thomas Lobb at St. Breock on the 9th January 1768.


2. Charles Saunders - baptized 31st August 1732

Charles, married Elizabeth Brabyn on the 18th October 1762 at St. Breock. They had three children -

(a)John - baptized 11th November 1766
(b)James - baptized 1st August 1769
(c)Mary - baptized 12th May 1772.

(c)Mary married Richard Warne in St. Breock on the 15th October 1795. They had ten children born between 1796 and 1821. (See "Additional information" for children).

3. William Saunders - baptized 10th October 1739 - (see Warren for more details)


4. John Saunders - baptized 20th January 1743

Nothing known.


5. English Saunders - baptized 21st February 1744/5

English, whose name could have been a patriotic gesture as a result of the Jacobite Rebellion led by ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ in the year she was born, married Andrew Elvans, of Tregony, Cornwall on the 24th May 1773. They had at least one daughter and three sons baptized in Cuby with Tregony: -

Mary - 4th October 1774 and died in December 1779
James - 20th April 1781
Henry - 16th January 1786
John - 27th January 1789 - See "Additional information" below.

There is a record of an English Elvans born C1776 with no place of birth. On the 5th February, 1799 at St. Andrew's Parish Church, Ashburton, Devon, English, described as a 'sojourner of this parish, spinster', married Thomas Cocking 'of the parish of Bodmin, Cornwall, bachelor'.

The next reference to her is in the 1841 census. She is a 65 year old pauper living at Trevera, St. Minver in the household of a W. Reynolds. Her death is recorded in the Bodmin District in the December quarter of 1849. There is no record of her burial in St. Minver. No further information on her husband, Thomas.
Was she the daughter of English and Andrew Elvans? Most probably but not proven at this moment.

The Burial register for Cuby with Tregony shows that an Andrew Elvens was buried on the 29th March 1791 with no age given. It is quite possible that this was English Saunders' husband.


6. James Saunders - baptized 20th January 1747/8

James married Rebekah (sic) Hawke in St. Breock on the 8th May 1770. They had one son, John, who was baptised on the 27th December 1770.

It is possible that James died within a few years of his marriage as there is another entry in the St.Breock Marriage Register showing that a Rebecca Saunders married Phillip May on the 26 July 1774.


Additional information

John Elvins married Ann - maiden name unknown in about 1822.
They had five children;- Elizabeth (C1823); Eliza (C1827); Hannah (C1829); Sophia (C1832) and John (C1835).
The family were living in Churchtown, Gorran in 1841 and were still there ten years later but with only Eliza still at home.

Mary (1772) and Richard Warne (1768) had ten children - Richard(1796); John (1797); Elizabeth (1800); Charles (1802); Anne (1804); Francis (1807); Mary (1810); Jane (1812); William (1816) and Honor (1821)


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