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Deborah Saunders, the second child of John Saunders and his wife, Mary, was born in 1701 and baptized in St. Breock Church on the 20th November 1701.

She had an illegitimate daughter, Elizabeth, christened on the 28th December 1720. The reputed father was William Gatty


In the Cornwall County Record Office there is the "Bastardy Bond" that was raised at the time.

Bastardy Bond

(Preamble in Latin mentioning William Pedler and John Buscomb, Overseers of the Poor, St., Breock)

Whereas Debroah the daughter of John Sanders of the Parish of St. Breock aforesaid hath been lately delivered of a Bastard child which hath since been baptized by the name of Elizabeth And whereas the said Deborah hath duly proved on oath that the above bounden William Gattey the younger is the father of the said Bastard. Now the condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden William Gattey, the elder, and William Gattey, the younger, or either of them their or either of their heirs, executors or administrators do and from time to time and at all times hereafter at their own proper cost and charges maintain, nurse, nourish and educate the said Bastard child and fully and clearly acquit, discharge, leave harmless the above named William Pedler and John Buscomb and their successers for the time being and every of them. And all and every of the inhabitants, parishoner and parishoners of the said parish of St. Breock which now or hereafter shall be and for the time being and every of them or from and all manner of costs, charges and expenses whatsoever which shall or may at any time hereafter arise, grow accrue or be improved on them or any of them for or by means of maintainance or education of the said child and of and from all other costs, suites or demands whatsoever concerning the same that then this obligation to be void or also to remain in full force virtuo.


William Gattey
William Gattey

Sealed and delivered being duly stamped in the presence of

John Permewing
George Morgan


Deborah eventually married William Gattey on the 12th June 1723.

Elizabeth died in St. Columb Major in early December 1723 barely 3 years old and was buried there on the 6th December.

Deborah and William had moved to the neighbouring town of St. Columb Major just prior to Elizabeth's death where three sons were born - John about December 1724,William about July 1726 and Thomas about February 1727. They don't appear to have had any further children.

Unfortunately both William and Thomas died within a few days of one another in December 1728.

Their father William Gatty died on March 1727/8 and Deborah in July 1730.

There is no further information on their eldest son, John. However there is an entry in the St. Breock Burial Register which shows a John Gattie being buried there on the 21st June 1740. There is no age shown.

What a sad story.