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William Tyrie Saunders

William Tyrie Saunders

~~Engraver on Wood~~

The Saunders Saga

The history of this particular branch of the Saunders family from North Cornwall in the late 17th century


Here are some of the families who have connections with the Saunders through the years :-

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In England

In U.S.A.

Austin, Baker, Evans, Harris, Horton, Mace, Merrill, Murray, Parrish, Pickens, Wolpert


The following is a brief outline of my Saunders family from 1695. For more details of individual family members please click the appropriate names shown below.


My earliest confirmed Saunders ancestor was John Saunders who first appeared in the parish of St. Breock, Wadebridge, North Cornwall when his first child was baptized in 1695. I have not been able, as yet, to find the names of his parents or where he was born. He had married Mary (maiden name unknown) in about 1694/5.

St. Breock Church
St. Breock Church, St. Breock, Wadebridge

They had four children all baptized in St. Breock Church;-

Alice Saunders - baptized 11th October 1695
Debora Saunders - baptized 20th November 1701
Mary Saunders - baptized 1st June 1702
Charles Saunders - baptized 3rd October 1703


Charles Saunders married Mary Goodfellow on the 11th November 1729 in St. Breock Church.

They had six children all baptized in St. Breock Church;-

Elizabeth Saunders - baptized 25th October 1730
Charles Saunders - baptized 31st August 1732
William Saunders - baptized 10th October 1739
John Saunders - baptized 20th January 1743
English Saunders - baptized 21st February 1744/5
James Saunders - baptized 20th January 1747/8


William Saunders married Elizabeth Warren on the 18th November 1761 in St. Breock Church.

They had five children - two actually baptized in St. Breock Church.

William Saunders - born about 1762 (no confirmation of baptism)
Charles Saunders - born about 1767 (no confirmation of baptism)
William Saunders - baptized 31st October 1773
Elizabeth Saunders - baptized 18th May 1777
Mary Saunders - born C1779 (no confirmation of baptism)


Charles Saunders married Elizabeth Brabyn on the 18th October 1762 in St. Breock Church

They had three children all baptized in St. Breock Church.

John Saunders - born about October 1766
James Saunders - born about June 1769
Mary Saunders - born about April 1772


John Saunders married Elizabeth Warne on the 31st October 1793 in St. Breock Church.

They had five children all baptized in St. Breock Church.

John Saunders - baptized 12th April 1795
Nancy Saunders - baptized 5th February 1797
Charles Saunders - baptized 9th June 1799
Betsy Saunders - baptized 20th December 1801
William Saunders - born 22nd February 1805 - baptized 24th March 1805


William Saunders married Susan Tyrie on the 4th October 1829 in St. Stephen's Church, Coleman Street, City of London.

They had nine children in all, seven being born in London and the other two after they had emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1850.

William Tyrie Saunders - born 23rd December 1830 in 261, High Holborn, London
John Andrew Saunders - born 18th August, 1832 in 3, Feathers Court, High Holborn, London
Charles Saunders - born 31st August 1834 in 13 Great Wild Street, London
Frank Saunders - born 21st May 1838 in Parish of St. Martins-in-the- Fields, London
Herbert Saunders - born 17th August 1840 in 45 Payne Street, Islington, London
Elizabeth Saunders - born 5th January 1843 in 6 Gilbert's Passage, London
Alice Saunders - born 30th April 1848 in 5 Dean Street, Holborn, London
Phillip Robert Saunders - born 1st December 1850 in High Street, Newark, New Jersey
Oliver Walter Saunders - born 18th August 1854 in South Union Street, Rochester, New York State.


William Tyrie Saunders married Elizabeth Mary Crews on the 1st November 1851 in the church of St.Giles-in-the-Fields, London.

They had six children in all.

William Philip Saunders - born 11th March 1853 in 24 Little Queen Street, Holborn, London
John Charles Saunders - born 11th March 1855 in 24 Little Queen Street, Holborn, London
Elizabeth Catherine Saunders - born 3rd May 1857 in London
Herbert Frank Saunders - born 5th March 1860 in 24 Little Queen Street, Holborn, London
Eleanor Susan Saunders - born 15th September 1862 in 113 Euston Road, London
Walter Crews Saunders - born 3rd November 1869 in 2 Mapledon Place, St. Pancras, London


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